Your first line of defense — protect your animals with Purishield™

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Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital


Vet Approved


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PurishieldTM, with its patented PurifectTM Technology, is the first line of products ever developed to mimic an animal’s own immune system to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi — as nature intended. PurishieldTM products uniquely avoid creating bacterial resistance and aid in halting the spread of disease, key components to keeping a home and farm viable and healthy.

Bonus benefits: PurishieldTM is steroid-free, antibiotic-free, iodine-free and contains no alcohol, tea tree oils or bleach. It is safe and gentle for all animals, young and old. It is eco-friendly and proudly made in the USA. PurifectTM Technology helps to protect both living and inanimate surfaces from viruses, fungi and colonies of bacteria. While antibiotics are generally ineffective in breaking down biofilms, or the slimy coating that is associated with 99% of bacteria, PurishieldTM products destroy these biofilms, keeping them from continually shedding new bacteria and causing reinfection. This is a huge breakthrough in medical technology. There are multiple patents issued in animal health and additional patents have been submitted and are pending approval. This is truly the wave of the future.